Lyons Peak at an elevation of 3642 ft.(1110 m) has hosted a fire lookout tower since 1913. The original tower was a 5 x 5 foot structure that resembled a telephone booth. Lyons Peak is an island of National Forest land that is surrounded by private property. Access to the peak is currently limited to helicopter or law enforcement escort only. The lookout is a 13 x 13 CL-30 series steel cab atop a 41-foot L-1600 series K-Brace tower. Lyons Peak is the only CL-30/41-foot tower combination in California. 

Lyons Peak 1913
Lyons Peak 1932
Lyons Peak 1950s
Lyons Peak Today

The tower interior is in need of refurbishing to place the lookout back into service and the base of Lyons peak is no longer open to public access.